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March ’20: Ruined by Design

Ruined by Design

The votes have been counted and we have a pick for our next book! In March, we’ll be discussing Ruined by Design – How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It, by Mike Monteiro

The world is working exactly as designed. And it’s not working very well. Which means we need to do a better job of designing it. Design is a craft with an amazing amount of power. The power to choose. The power to influence. As designers, we need to see ourselves as gatekeepers of what we are bringing into the world, and what we choose not to bring into the world. Design is a craft with responsibility. The responsibility to help create a better world for all.

This book will make you see that design is a political act. What we choose to design is a political act. Who we choose to work for is a political act. Who we choose to work with is a political act. And, most importantly, the people we’ve excluded from these decisions is the biggest (and stupidest) political act we’ve made as a society.

Where to find a copy of this title:

The meetup will be on Tuesday, March 24 at 6:30PM at our usual location: the offices of our sponsor, ActiveProspect, at 4203 Guadalupe in Hyde Park. It’s on multiple bus lines and has plenty of free parking; online, via Zoom, like just about everything nowadays; come and join us!

Zoom link to participate:

Be sure to RSVP on Meetup so we’ll have plenty of pizza and drinks bandwidth for everyone.

See you there!

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