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January ’20: Cloud Native Patterns

Cloud Native Patterns book cover The polls are closed, the votes have been counted, and we have a winner! For our first meetup in 2020 we’ll be discussing Cornelia Davis’ Cloud Native Patterns – Designing Change-tolerant Software.

Cloud platforms promise the holy grail: near-zero downtime, infinite scalability, short feedback cycles, fault-tolerance, and cost control. But how do you get there? By applying cloudnative designs, developers can build resilient, easily adaptable, web-scale distributed applications that handle massive user traffic and data loads. Learn these fundamental patterns and practices, and you’ll be ready to thrive in the dynamic, distributed, virtual world of the cloud.

With realistic examples and expert advice for working with apps, data, services, routing, and more, Cornelia Davis shows you how to design and build software that functions beautifully on modern cloud platforms. As you read, you will start to appreciate that cloud-native computing is more about the how and why rather than the where.

Where to find a copy of this title:

The meetup will be on Tuesday, January 21 at 6:30PM at our usual location: the offices of our sponsor, ActiveProspect, at 4203 Guadalupe in Hyde Park. It’s on multiple bus lines and has plenty of free parking; come and join us!

Be sure to RSVP on Meetup so we’ll have plenty of pizza and drinks for everyone.

See you there!

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