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Vote: Our Jan. ’20 Book

Temperatures are finally dropping, and the holidays are coming up fast. As usual, we won’t meet in November or December, so this poll is to pick the book with which we’ll kick off 2020(!). Take a look at the selections and rank your picks using the form at the bottom of the post! Voting will close at midnight on the real Election Day (you knew there was a real election on Tuesday, Nov. 5, right?).

Cloud Native Patterns Cloud Native Patterns book cover

– Designing Change-tolerant Software, by Cornelia Davis
400 pages, 2019, $48
On Goodreads; Amazon; Safari

Cloud platforms promise the holy grail: near-zero downtime, infinite scalability, short feedback cycles, fault-tolerance, and cost control. But how do you get there? By applying cloudnative designs, developers can build resilient, easily adaptable, web-scale distributed applications that handle massive user traffic and data loads. Learn these fundamental patterns and practices, and you’ll be ready to thrive in the dynamic, distributed, virtual world of the cloud.

With realistic examples and expert advice for working with apps, data, services, routing, and more, Cornelia Davis shows you how to design and build software that functions beautifully on modern cloud platforms. As you read, you will start to appreciate that cloud-native computing is more about the how and why rather than the where.

Ruined by Design Ruined by Design

– How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It, by Mike Monteiro
223 pages, 2019, $10-25
On Goodreads; Amazon; IndieBound

The world is working exactly as designed. And it’s not working very well. Which means we need to do a better job of designing it. Design is a craft with an amazing amount of power. The power to choose. The power to influence. As designers, we need to see ourselves as gatekeepers of what we are bringing into the world, and what we choose not to bring into the world. Design is a craft with responsibility. The responsibility to help create a better world for all.

This book will make you see that design is a political act. What we choose to design is a political act. Who we choose to work for is a political act. Who we choose to work with is a political act. And, most importantly, the people we’ve excluded from these decisions is the biggest (and stupidest) political act we’ve made as a society.

Introducing Regular Expressions Introducing Regular Expressions

– Unraveling Regular Expressions, Step-by-Step, by Michael Fitzgerald
154 pages, 2012, $25-50
On Goodreads; Safari; Amazon

If you’re a programmer new to regular expressions, this easy-to-follow guide is a great place to start. You’ll learn the fundamentals step-by-step with the help of numerous examples, discovering first-hand how to match, extract, and transform text by matching specific words, characters, and patterns.

Regular expressions are an essential part of a programmer’s toolkit, available in various Unix utilities as well as programming languages such as Perl, Java, JavaScript, and C#. When you’ve finished this book, you’ll be familiar with the most commonly used syntax in regular expressions, and you’ll understand how using them will save you considerable time.

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