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Review: Mythical Man-Month

A nice review of the book on the Word Yard blog: Code Reads #1: The Mythical Man-Month

There’s an urgency to The Mythical Man-Month that makes it more immediate, and more satisfying, than most run-of-the-mill business books. Brooks emerged from the IBM project asking passionately, “Where did we screw up?” — and trying to record the answers for the benefit of futures toilers in code.

None of that would get Brooks very far, or have us reading him three decades later in this volatile field, without his unusual skill at expressing complex ideas: He is at once forthright and graceful. He draws just enough parallels from outside the field (a New Orleans restaurant menu, the Tower of Babel) to leaven the proceedings without ever sounding gimmicky.

(Read the whole thing here.)

We’ll be meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 24 to discuss it; find all the details, including tips on where to get your copy of The Mythical Man-Month, in this post. See you there!

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