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Excerpt: Dream Team Nightmare

Our next meeting is coming up soon: we’ll be talking about Portia Tung’s The Dream Team Nightmare on Tuesday, August 22. Here’s the preface, which explains the format of this unusual book:

Welcome to The Dream Team Nightmare, an agile adventure. As an agile adventurer, you’ll meet a whole host of characters in lots of different scenarios. You’ll be faced with many challenges, and your success will depend on the quality of the decisions you make.

During this agile adventure, you get to decide what to do. Once you’ve made your choice, turn to the corresponding section to find out what happens next. Keep reading until you have to make your next decision. Repeat these steps until you reach the end of your adventure.

Each adventure is a test of your skills, knowledge, and experience. Unlike in the real world, if at first you don’t succeed, you can start all over again.

They say luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Be prepared and good luck!

There’s still time to grab a copy, read through a storyline or two, and join us. See this post for all the details, including where to get your copy.

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