Austin Computer Book Club

Review: Weapons of Math Destruction

A good review of our May book from the Scientific American blog Roots of Unity: O’Neil talks about financial WMDs and her experiences , but the examples in her book come from many other facets of life as well: college rankings, employment application screeners, policing and sentencing algorithms, workplace wellness

August: Functional Thinking

For August we’ll be reading Neil Ford’s 2014 O’Reilly title, Functional Thinking: Paradigm Over Syntax. Rather than focus on specific language features, Functional Thinking looks at a variety of common practices in OOP languages and then shows you how to solve the same problems with a functional language. For instance,

March: Pragmatic Programmer

Pragmatic Programmer cover

Our book for March will be the 1999 classic, The Pragmatic Programmer – From Journeyman to Master, by Andrew Hunt & David Thomas. Straight from the programming trenches, The Pragmatic Programmer cuts through the increasing specialization and technicalities of modern software development to examine the core process — taking a

Interview: Grokking Algorithms

For our January meetup, we’ll be reading and discussing Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava. For a preview of what the book is like and some background on how and why it was written, here’s a TalkPython podcast from last year that features an interview with the author: Algorithms in Python.

January: Grokking Algorithms

Grokking Algorithms

January’s book will be Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people (2016), by Aditya Y. Bhargava. Grokking Algorithms is a fully illustrated, friendly guide that teaches you how to apply common algorithms to the practical problems you face every day as a programmer. You’ll start with

Vote: Our First Two 2018 Books

Here are the choices for the first two meetups of next year. The two highest-rated books will be the ones we read for our January and March meetings. Voting closes on November 7 (election day IRL here in Austin). Grokking Algorithms – An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious

Review: Mythical Man-Month

A nice review of the book on the Word Yard blog: Code Reads #1: The Mythical Man-Month There’s an urgency to The Mythical Man-Month that makes it more immediate, and more satisfying, than most run-of-the-mill business books. Brooks emerged from the IBM project asking passionately, “Where did we screw up?”